Thursday, August 18, 2005

006 Big Betty

This is my first Quest model rocket. The big fins turned out really well on this model and so did every glue joint. However I learned that for a consistent smooth finish you must apply paint to the entire model in a very light quick fashion to maintain the "wet" look. I actually used an entire can of Testors paint on this model.

The paint finish aside, the rocket should be an excellent performer. I am disappointed with all the self stick decals I have come across so far and this one is the worst. I spent countless hours getting the finish perfect and the like an idiot I stuck this huge "sticker" right over it. It's big and difficult to get the air bubbles out. You can't really even see the finish under it.

I do like the way the kevlar shock cord mounts to the engine mount. The instructions and drawings in the plans were very good. The model is big and the name implies but is still pretty light and gets off the pad in a hurry. Overall it's a impressive rocket and turns out great flights.

Manufacturer - Quest
Stages - 1
Weight -
Length - 23 in.
Diameter - 1.576 in.
Fin Material - Balsa
Recovery - 12 in. Parachute
Current Status - Active


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