Monday, August 15, 2005

A Word About Adhesives

I have done a little experimenting with adhesives since I started model rocketry and I thought I would share what I am finding to works the best.

General Purpose or White Glue - Elmers Craft Bond
This is the best glue I have ever used in general applications. It is easy to spread around out of the bottle and gets tacky in one minute. It will completely dry within one hour.

On Plastic - Elmers or Krazy Glue Craft Gel
I recently discovered that these are both made by Elmers. The actual Elmers brand is about half the price of Krazy Glue though. Testors Plastic Cement is what most kits call for but the drying time and adhesion is terrible. Superglue bonds anything I have tried it on including, wood, cardboard, plastic, cloth, and skin, oops! The disadvantages of this adhesive is the quick set time and you cannot take it apart to do it again. It will also permanently attach you to your model if you are not really careful.

On Wood - Titebond Regular Wood Glue
I have this but I rarely use it because it dries slow. This is a good glue for projects like stands and tools to build rockets, but not for actual rockets. It is really strong but dries slow and keeps it's yellow color when dry.


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