Sunday, November 06, 2005

019 Nike K

Getting this rocket done was kind of a pain in the neck. The first kit I received from Discount Rocketry was really old and came with paper stickers instead of the standard decals. When I applied the stickers they just kind of fell apart.

I put a call into Quest customer service and they sent out another kit right away. It turns out they had made several improvements over the older kit that I had. The decals were even nicer than most other kits from Quest I had assembled and it came with a free display stand.

The finished product is a real nice looking rocket that should be fun to fly. I couldn't have asked for more from Quest in making the first transaction right.

Manufacturer - Quest
Stages - 1
Weight -2.4 oz.
Length - 24.25 in.
Diameter - 1.379 in.
Fin Material - Plastic
Recovery - 18 in. Parachute
Current Status - Active