Sunday, September 25, 2005

009 Areobee

I really liked the look of this rocket and the fact that it is a semi-scale model a real sounding rocket. Building rockets that look like something real rather than a toy are more interesting for me to build. This is the first rocket that I filled the spiral groove in the airframe. After sanding, a couple coats of primer, and a couple coats of paint it looked perfect.

Then I applied the decals. The instructions on every Quest and Estes rocket I have built tell you to apply a clear coat over the decals, BIG MISTAKE! The "Krylon Clear Gloss" enamel looks milky and dull when applied. It really took away from all the hard work I put into the finish of this rocket. It's not ruined but it looked better before the clear coat.

Manufacturer - Quest
Stages - 1
Weight -
Length - 15.98 in.
Diameter - .984 in.
Fin Material - Balsa
Recovery - 12 in. Parachute
Current Status - Active


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