Wednesday, September 07, 2005

010 Mongoose

This is a modified version of the Estes Mongoose 2 stage rocket. I had to modify it to a single stage 17 in. long rocket because on the first launch I lost the booster stage and the body tube sustained damage. After making the modification I performed a swing test to endure the stability of the rocket. It's good to go!

Repairing rockets to keep them flying is part of the challenge of model rocketry. Before you scrap that crashed rocket try to repair it. If a repair is impossible strip every single part off of it you can. That way you will have spare parts to fix your next rocket, and there will be more crashes to repair.

Manufacturer - Estes
Stages - Modified to Single Stage
Weight - ?
Length - 17 in. originally 26 in.
Diameter - .98 in.
Fin Material - Plastic
Recovery - Streamer
Current Status - Active


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