Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Launch in the Hill Country

"Bull Pup" on the launch pad

A great day for a launch!

Well it was supposed to be a beautiful day for a rocket launch. When I set out for the Hill Country at 8:00am it looked like that old weatherman got it right after all. The sky was blue and there wasn't even a slight breeze.

When I arrived to the launch location I could hardly wait to get one of my three new rockets up into the wild blue yonder. Once everyone arrived and we got started I got my first rocket ready, the 018 Bull Pup. It was the first on the pad and the first to launch; it was also the first in the trees.

Just as I pushed the launch button a stiff breeze from the south kicked in and never went away. My precious Bull Pup had found its way to a very tall tree. My friend Mark volunteered to get on the roof of a small shed with a rusted tin roof and reach up to free the trapped rocket. He got and with hardly any damage to the rocket itself.

The wind continued through the entire day and my rocket wasn't the last to find the trees, but every rocket was recovered and we all had a great time. The Hill Country Rocketeers are a great bunch of guys.